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Deepening Into Presence with Greg Marian

Non-Dual Satsang, Retreats, & Online Programs

Satsang, Non-Dual Counseling, & Life Coaching Sessions

About Greg

Greg Marian is a Presence based Counselor and a Non-dual Satsang Teacher who shares the direct path to Spiritual Awakening and the freedom from suffering.  He's also a Robbins-Madanes trained, Strategic Interventionist (SI) Life Coach, a graduate of the renowned RMT Core 100 professional life coach training program.  Greg has a double major degree from the University of Alberta, having majored in both Psychology & Biological Sciences, and has worked professionally as a family counselor for over 5 years.  He also has a professional massage therapy diploma, and has worked as a deep tissue massage therapist and Reiki practitioner for over 15 years.

After a series of profound and ever deepening spiritual openings were set into motion, Greg began offering meditation and inquiry events, and has been offering non-dual Satsang and individual counseling/life coaching sessions since 2008.  His invitations and direct pointings are offered as invitations to awaken to our True Nature, and to abide and live as this non-dual Consciousness and Presence.  From this Space, he meets each person where they're at, supporting their unique challenges, difficulties, and their deepening realizations, helping to find more of what people truly want in all dimensions of their life.  This spans from the realm of life values/goals, Soul Purpose, and intimate relationships, to people's desire for freedom, Spiritual Awakening, and its eventual integration & embodiment.

As a Non-Dual Satsang teacher, Greg shares the timeless wisdom of Non-Duality and the direct approach to Self Realization and freedom in a simple and straightforward way. His intention is to help people directly experience their True Nature in this moment, and to support them in finding more peace and contentment in their lives, within any psycho-spiritual framework they find meaningful. He has a vast openness and availability to be with whatever arises within people, intuitively engaging each person with his varied experience and knowledge as needed.

One of Greg's unique gifts is his ability to bring a seamless integration of the Non-dual spiritual wisdom with contemporary insights from psychology, mind-body medicine, and the trauma healing field. He uses simple and approachable language to express a synthesis of direct spiritual insight with gritty life experience, balancing clarity of the spiritual Awakening process with a compassionate understanding of the psychological healing process.  Greg also works with many people who have already had deep spiritual Awakenings, supporting them in integrating and embodying their deepest Realizations into their everyday lives and relationships.  This can include teacher/facilitator support.

"The only prerequisite for Spiritual Awakening is an innocent curiosity, and the openness to recognize that what we're seeking for is always already here."

 - Greg Marian

Greg's spiritual path and exploration was broad in scope, always being guided by what was most deeply alive for him in the moment. He learned several meditation techniques, including both major Buddhist Vipassanas, TM, Kriya Yoga, and Zen flavored zazen, and has had a committed daily meditation practice for over 20 years.  He's studied several spiritual teachings and traditions, and has over 15 years of deep emotional work within various psychotherapies.  Major resting places in his spiritual journey included Zen & various other schools of Buddhism, various schools of Raja Yoga, and the Non-dual teachings of Advaita Vedanta.  His search also included spending time in several ashrams and retreat centers, and two life changing trips to India.

The most profound influence in his spiritual unfoldment however was the teachings and time spent in the Presence of several contemporary spiritual teachers.  A deep Gratitude and Love is especially felt for the spiritual teacher Adyashanti and his wife Mukti, whose clarity and insight continues to be a guiding light and inspiration for him.  Greg has also been profoundly influenced by the teachings of Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Eckhart Tolle, Jeannie Zandi, Lorne & Lucia Hoff, the Buddha, & Christ.

Greg offers Individual Sessions, Online Programs, and Non-dual Satsang events & retreats across Canada, the USA, and online.  

He currently lives near Victoria, Canada.

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