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Deepening Into Presence with Greg Marian

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Satsang, Life Coaching, & Counseling Sessions

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Online Satsang Series on Embodiment

Session 1

The Landscape of

Spiritual Awakening

Session 2

Inquiry into Our True Identity

& Our Core Contractions

Session 3

Practices That Support

Awakening & Embodiment

Satsang Audio Talks

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Satsang Talks

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Satsang Weekend Retreat - The Essence of Self Inquiry

Satsang Session 1

Satsang Session 2

Satsang Session 3

Satsang Session 4

Radio Interview with Greg

This interview was aired on Salt Spring Community Radio on Sept 8, 2013

Click Here to Listen 

to Greg's Interview

Private Session Recording

Themes on Embodiment & Integration

(Permission was given by client to

share this portion of their session)

Private Session


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