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Welcome Home to Divine Stillness, Presence, 

and Loving Awareness with Greg Marian

Non-Dual Satsang, Retreats, & Online Programs

Satsang, Non-Dual Counseling, & Life Coaching Sessions

Coming Home to the Heart of Silence

Online Immersion

Greg now offers an 8 Module Online Immersion program to support people who'd like to do a deeper dive into his work, and to augment individual session work.  The program is self-paced, but designed to be done over 8 or 16 weeks..  The 8 Module Program includes:

8 Guided Meditations

4 Experiential and/or Written Inquiry exercises

4 Embodiment Practices - to be practiced throughout your day in daily life

4 Embodiment Satsang Talks by Greg

4 Embodiment Satsang Q & A sessions with participants

4 Written Invitations/Teachings related to core Non-dual Awakening Practices

4 Self-Love Exercises

4 Self-Care Exercises

4 - 60 min Dyad & Support Sessions with a partner (optional)


The program also includes an optional Dyad Partner and Peer Support component, where you can be paired up with someone else going through the program (you can sign up with a friend).  You would connect for up to 4-60 min Dyad sessions (or more if wanted), where you would take turns practicing dyad inquiry techniques with each other (no previous experience is needed).  This is an opportunity to more deeply inquire into the nature of your experience and your True Nature, as well as a way to practice speaking and relating from Presence in a safe and supportive space. 

In each 60 min dyad session Greg offers 3 Inquiry questions/statements for you to work with, and gives instructions and guidelines to follow for the dyads.  The technique can easily be learned and practiced, even if you've never done dyad work before.  After the dyad sessions you're welcome and encouraged to connect, process, and support each other with whatever they're dealing with.  The hope and intention is that some profound connections and friendships will develop with like minded people who are deeply committed to Awakening to True Nature.  If you're interested in beginning or deepening into a daily meditation practice, this Immersion program and its resources can support and help this intention. 

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