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Welcome Home to Divine Stillness, Presence, 

and Loving Awareness with Greg Marian

Non-Dual Satsang, Retreats, & Online Programs

Satsang, Non-Dual Counseling, & Life Coaching Sessions

Satsang Videos

Below are some video clips from Satsang Retreats with Greg. 

Click on the link below to see more videos on his You-Tube channel.

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Greg's You-Tube Channel

Softening into Silence

Deepening the Embodiment Conversation

Non-Doing Doing,

Practice, & No-Self

Feeling our way back into

the Witness 

Opening to Emotions

Allowing our Contractions to Unwind into Presence

The Embodiment Conversation

Embodying Transcendence

Spiritual Awakening Meeting our Everyday Life

The Essence of Inquiry

is Curiosity

True Meditation is Abiding as Awareness-Presence

Surrendering to the Transformational Energy of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening Embodying at the Centre of our Experience

Resting as Infinite, Loving Presence

Our Natural State is

Effortless Abiding

Relax into the Goal of True Meditation

A Context for Spiritual Embodiment

Balancing the 2 modes of Spiritual Inquiry

Rest as Awareness - Satsang with Greg Marian

Form is Emptiness,

Emptiness is Form

Embodying Transcendent & Imminent Inquiry

Exploring Awakened Relationship

Satsang Audio Page